Top Fundraisers and Readers

Sort to see who’s the top reader and top minutes. Search to find your favorite Readathoner and click on the link to make a donation on behalf of a reader or a team. Don’t want to donate online? Click here to download a form to mail in a check. Note: This page is updated nightly.

Top Fundraisers

We wanted to thank all of our generous donors for helping us improve the lives of our young readers and their families. Your contributions go a long way in improving childhood literacy in the central Texas area.

Top Readers

Remember to log your minutes for reading days between January 22 – February 10, 2021. Top Readers will start to show up on January 23.

36Readathon Fund$10.00
52#1 Reader :^)$10.00
33Book Stars$7.50
37Ima Reader$2.50
38Francesca Angelo$2.50
39Evan R$2.50
41Mariela R.$2.50
42Red Rock Readers$2.50
43Funky Monkey Readers$2.50
48Vamos Leer$2.50
49Master Shifu$2.50
NameReader Minutes