Are you a Parent, Caregiver, Librarian, Teacher, or Reading Specialist looking for a way to motivate young readers?

Are you responsible for community engagement opportunities for your Work Group, Department, or Company? Are you the Activity Coordinator for a civic agency, church group, or other club?

Do you just want to pull a few Friends or extended Family members together and do something fun together?

Be a Team Captain!

  1. Organizes a team of up to five (5) Readathoners of any age.
  2. Can be a parent, teacher, librarian, co-worker, neighbor, or any person 13 or older.
  3. Sign up and customizes the page for your Team.

Click Register to start. Make up a memorable team name when you register to help others find your team and win! We will provide you with additional tools and resources to help coordinate and motivate your Readathoners via follow up emails, texts, and social media mentions.