Anyone can participate in the 2021 Family Readathon! Kids, adults, solo readers, teams…anyone who loves to read and wants to help improve children’s literacy is welcome to join in the fun!

It all starts with creating a free Readathon Fundraising Page for a chance to win prizes and awards.

A Team Captain is a responsible person 13 and above who organizes and registers a Team with members of any age (we suggest 5 as a good size).

A Solo Reader is anyone 13 and above who plans to read on their own and not be a member of a team or whose school is not participating this year.

A Student from a participating school should check the School Teams page to learn more about signing up and follow the instructions below.

When you register, create a fun team or screen name that everyone can remember. To protect your online privacy, we suggest you use only your first name and last initial only or a totally made-up name. Please do use a real email so we can contact you and to be eligible for prizes! Once you register, you will be emailed a link to your unique fundraising page where you can set minutes and fundraising goals add an image and tell everyone about you and your team.

Once you’ve registered, share your customized page with team members, friends and family to support your efforts by making donations to help kids read and succeed.  When you talk to friends and family, give them your direct published page link so they donate online! You can look up your Team, Solo Reader, or School page link on the Donate page. We will also take checks mailed to BookSpring with this form.

Photos or graphic images are great, or additional stories about of your family, school/class team, work team, or civic group! Note that once published, this information is public.  So be careful what you post.

Please share your published fundraising page freely through your email, text messages, and social media, to help reach out to your friends and family and help us reach our shared goals. You can start raising money for your team as soon as you register!

Not ready to sign up yet but want to know more? No worries! Sign up here to stay informed.

The Bottom Line

Whip up a team or go solo, create a catchy team name or a funky screen name, and customize your own crowdfunding page with your goals of dollars and minutes to read. Join your School page if your school is signed up to participate. We will remind everyone of challenges, deadlines, and to keep on reading throughout the Readathon event, January 22 – February 10, 2021.

It’s free! There’s no cost to you to register, and special prizes will be awarded to leading teams and solo readers for fundraising and for top minutes read.

Questions? We’re always here to help at or 512 472-1791 x 123.