Reading Log


The reading portion of the Family Readathon is now closed as of February 28, 2022. Visit the leaderboards to find your standing! 

Welcome Readathoners! All reading reports this year will be done through our partner, Bookopolis. It’s a kid friendly website where you can get and make book recommendations, write reviews, and use an online reading log to track your reading as part of the Family Readathon class.  If you want to compete for minutes read this year, you need to use this website. You can opt in here and we will send more information for how to access your personal account via email. Please note: all competing Readathoners will be given a “student” account.


How to Track Minutes in Bookopolis:

Step 1: Go to Bookopolis and click on “Students” in the “Login” dropdown.


Step 2: Insert the username and password from the email with your Bookopolis login information.


Step 3: Once in your Bookopolis world, click “Reading Log” in the banner.

Step 4: Click “Add an entry.”

Step 5: Fill out the reading log form. Note that the book, date, and numbers of minutes read are required.



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