Reading Warm-Up Workshops

It’s a Readathon, not a sprint!

The Family Reading Readathon Workshops hosted by the Library Foundation earlier in January were terrific. Here are lesson outlines that Librarians and Teachers may want to use for their students and reading programs:

Description: In this three-workshop series, students engaged in a variety of reading “stretches” and “exercises” designed to build endurance, confidence, and creativity with reading during this year’s Readathon. Students practiced finding best-fit books for themselves, responding to this year’s Readathon challenges (Book Spine Poetry & Book Collages), and engaging in fun reading exercises.

The purpose of these workshops was for students to master strategies in order to self-guide themselves during this year’s Readathon. In addition to these activities and exercises, students learned about the purpose of the Readathon and how their participation helps others in our community.