Reading Warm-Up Workshops

It’s a Readathon, not a sprint!

Description: In this three-workshop series. Students will engage in a variety of reading “stretches” and “exercises” designed to build endurance, confidence, and creativity with reading during this year’s Readathon. Students will practice finding best-fit books for themselves, responding to this year’s Readathon challenges (Book Spine Poetry & Book Collages), and engaging in fun reading exercises.

The purpose of these workshops is for students to master strategies in order to self-guide themselves during this year’s Readathon. In addition to these activities and exercises, students will learn about the purpose of the Readathon and how their participation helps others across the Austin & Central Texas communities. 

Dates: Two three-workshop sessions (each session will offer an identical curriculum)

     Saturday, Dec. 5 / Workshop 1: Ready?
     Saturday, Dec. 12 / Workshop 2: Set.
     Saturday, Dec. 19 / Workshop 3: Read!

     Saturday, Jan. 2 / Workshop 1: Ready?
     Saturday, Jan. 9 / Workshop 2: Set.
     Saturday, Jan. 16 / Workshop 3: Read!

Registration: Registration opens soon through Eventbrite. The Library Foundation staff and teaching artists will oversee registration and communication with students and families.

Access: Free and open to all students interested in participating in this year’s Readathon. Hosted via Zoom meetings and led by a Badgerdog teaching artist.  Workshops will be organized according to age groups and scattered throughout the day. Workshops will be added to accommodate size/demand, as needed.