Some kids don’t have enough books at home to read. You can change that!

Your gifts help bring the joy of reading to thousands of children each month. Every $50 you give provides a library of 20 books to a deserving family!

How to Donate on behalf of a Team or Solo Reader

Click the green links below to visit your favorite fundraiser’s page. You may make a donation anytime between now and February 24, 2021 and it will count toward the Team or Solo Reader’s prize-winning goals.

All proceeds benefit BookSpring and The Library Foundation and the collective ongoing efforts to build early literacy and libraries in Central Texas. (click here for pdf form to mail in check or credit card donation)

36Readathon Fund$10.00
52#1 Reader :^)$10.00
33Book Stars$7.50
37Ima Reader$2.50
38Francesca Angelo$2.50
39Evan R$2.50
41Mariela R.$2.50
42Red Rock Readers$2.50
43Funky Monkey Readers$2.50
48Vamos Leer$2.50
49Master Shifu$2.50