Book Collages

Celebrate with Us

Readers should post their “Book Collages” on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) using the hashtag #FamilyReadathon and tagging the Library Foundation and BookSpring. The top posts will be eligible for special prizes! Posts will be judged based on creativity, how well they represent the book’s themes, and overall engagement. We will repost and share your creativity to help promote the Readathon and cheer on Readathoners! 

How to Participate

  • Step 1: Select book from your personal Reading Wish List.
  • Step 2: Create a visual collage that features the book’s cover alongside objects, images, symbols, and a background that reflects the book’s themes, mood, or content. Don’t be afraid to get creative!
  • Step 3: Snap a photo of your collage and post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Be sure to tag BookSpring and the Library Foundation and use the hashtag #FamilyReadathonPlease post by 11:59 PM on February 17, 2021, a week after the Family Readathon ends, in order to be considered for prizes. By tagging The Library Foundation and BookSpring, you agree to have your entry shared and re-posted. All posts must be public in order to be shared and reposted. 

Encourage friends and family to view your post and create their own!

Examples of Book Collages

Your Reading Journey: Beginning, Middle & End

Book collages can tell the story of your reading journey.


Create a book collage at the very beginning of your reading journey before you even read the book. Look at the front cover, what do you see? Look at the back cover, what do you notice? After looking at the front and back covers, make a prediction! What do you think the book will be able? Use your prediction to create a book collage. Take a picture and start reading!


When you are mid-way through the book, take a break from reading to create another book collage. Your collage should include information that you’ve learned from reading the first half of the book. Your collage can also include predictions for what you think will happen in the second half of the book. You can focus on specific details, characters, or ideas that the book makes you think about. Take another picture and keep reading!


Once you’ve finished the book, think for a minute about the amazing journey that you’ve been on! What were some of your favorite parts of the book? Who were your favorite characters? Find items from around your house to create your final book collage. You can also include drawings that you’ve done that might feature a particular character or scene. When it looks just right, take your final picture!

Place all three of your collages side-by-side. How did your book collages stay the same? How did they change? How did this book surprise you?

After looking at the book collages and reflecting on your reading journey, ask yourself, “Can you really judge a book by its cover?” Share and post your book collages and thoughts on your book journey so that we can hear your answers!