Let’s Get Together with the Family Readathon

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Family Readathon

Hello, Family Readathoners!  

The Family Readathon was a HUGE success because of YOU! Special thanks from BookSpring and The Library Foundation for your amazing reading and fundraising efforts so that other kids can have their very own books. Check out the amazing results!

Congratulations on a job well done!

The Family Readathon Team


Organize a Team, be Solo Readathoner, or join your School.


Sign up, set reading goals, and help raise funds today


Share your fundraising page with friends and family


Take the Book Spine Poetry and Book Collage Challenges today


Attend Warm-up Workshops leading up to the Readathon


Start your online Reading Report on Day 1 of the Readathon, January 22

Win Prizes

Read and fundraise as much as you can


“It really encourages my kids to read. One of my three kids naturally loves reading, but the Readathon has helped encourage more and more reading from my other two kids each time it happens.”

Readathon Parent

“My daughter loved the Readathon. She is learning to love reading and this helped motivate her.”

Readathon Parent

“Great!” “Very positive experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Registration, tracking minutes, and more

Prizes and Awards

Learn about how you get a free t-shirt and more!

Who Can Participate

Solo Readers – Teams – Families – Schools – Groups

Share your Creativity

Take the Book Collage or Book Spring Poetry Challenge


BookSpring builds early literacy in children and families through healthcare (Rx), education (Ed), and the community (Go). BookSpring is dedicated to making sure kids have books at home that will shape and change their lives.

The Library Foundation

The Library Foundation supports the Austin Public Library by increasing awareness about the library and its importance to the community, and by fundraising to enhance collections, programs, and facilities.

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